Editorial Board

Kenneth Blum

Editor-in-Chief: JAS
Department of Psychiatry, Western University College of Medicine, Pomona, CA, USA
E-mail: drd2gene(at)gmail.com

Rajendra Badgaiyan

Co-Editor-in-Chief: JAS
Chairperson, Department of Psychiatry, MetroHealth System, MetroHealth Dr. Cleveland, OH, USA
E-mail: badgaiyan(at)gmail.com

Editorial Board Members

Marc Potenza  Yale University, USA
E-mail: marc.potenza(at)yale.edu
Non-Substance or Behavioral Addictions; Neuroimaging; Impulsivity; Gambling
Eric J. Nestler Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA

E-mail: eric.nestler(at)mssm.edu

Molecular Mechanism of Addiction; Depression; Animal Models; Developing Treatments
Mark S. Gold University of Florida, USA

E-mail: drmarkgold(at)gmail.com

Opiate Action; Dependence; Opiate Drugs; Cocaine
Andrew Smolen University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

E-mail: andrew.smolen(at)colorado.edu

Genotyping; Substance Abuse; Eating Disorders; Adolescent Health; Population Studies
Michael Ritsner Sha’ar Menashe Mental Health Center, Israel

E-mail: ritsnerm(at)gmail.com

Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders; Anhedonia; Neurosteroids; Neuroprotection
David E. Smith University of California at San Francisco, USA

E-mail: dsmith4619(at)aol.com

Adolescent Addiction; Dual Diagnosis; Process Addictions; Psychopharmacology
Mauro Ceccanti University of Rome, Italy

E-mail: mauro.ceccanti(at)uniroma1.it

Alcohol Addiction; Genetic Polymorphisms; Molecular Basis of Alcoholism; Nicotine
Marlene Oscar-Berman Boston University, USA

E-mail: oscar(at)bu.edu

Brain Abnormalities; Chronic Alcoholism
Mark Griffiths Nottingham Trent University, UK

E-mail: mark.griffiths(at)ntu.ac.uk

Behavioral Addiction; Gambling Addiction; Gaming Addiction; Online Addictions
Philip Gorwood Paris Descartes University, France

E-mail: p.gorwood(at)ch-sainte-anne.fr

Alcohol; Eating Disorder; Genetics; Endophenotypes
Frederick Toates The Open University, UK

E-mail: frederick.toates(at)open.ac.uk

Motivation Incentive Sex Drugs
Horace Loh University of Minnesota, USA

E-mail: lohxx001(at)umn.edu

Opiates and Opioids; Drug Addiction; Drug Tolerance; Drug Dependency
David E. Comings City of Hope National Medical Center, USA

E-mail: dcomings(at)earthlink.net

Tourette Syndrome; Dopamine Genes; ADHD
Tomas Palomo Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

E-mail: tpalomo2004(at)yahoo.es

Schizophrenia; Addiction; Clinical Psychiatry; Dopamine; Neuroimaging
Panayotis K. Thanos Research Institute on Addictions at University at Buffalo,USA

E-mail: Pthanos(at)ria.buffalo.edu

Alcohol; Dopamine D2; Obesity; Cocaine; Cannabis; Neuroimaging
Jhodie Duncana University of Melbourne, Australia

E-mail: jhodie.duncan(at)florey.edu.au

Inhalant Abuse; Adolescence; Pediatrics; Addiction
Igor Elman Harvard Medical School, USA

E-mail: ielman(at)challiance.org

Cocaine; Opioid; Behavioral Addiction; Gambling Disorder; Comorbidity
Thomas Simpatico University of Vermont, USA

E-mail: Thomas.Simpatico(at)uvm.edu

Medicine and the Law/Public Policy; Decision Support; System Design; Veterans’ Services
M. Foster Olive Arizona State University, USA

E-mail: foster.olive(at)asu.edu

Psychostimulants; Opiates; Neuropharmacology; Neurochemistry; Neuroscience
A. Kenison Roy Tulane University Medical School, USA

E-mail: kenroymd(at)cox.net

Personalized Medicine; Addiction
Edward Modestino Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, USA

E-mail: emodest(at)bu.edu

Molecular Mechanism of Addiction; Depression; Animal Models; Developing Treatments
Bryan K. Yamamoto Indiana University School of Medicine

E-mail: Bryan.Yamamoto(at)utoledo.edu

Psychostimulants; Stress; Neurodegeneration; Neuroinflammation; Animal Models
Brett Haberstick University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

E-mail: Brett.Haberstick(at)Colorado.edu

Genetics/Genomics; Dependence; Psychometrics; Behavioral Disinhibition; Marijuana; Alcohol; Nicotine
Subhash Pandey University of Illinois at Chicago

E-mail: Spandey(at)psych.uic.edu

Neurobiology of Alcoholism; Epigenetics; Signaling Mechanism; Gene Expression
Yijun Liu University of Florida, USA

E-mail: yijunliu(at)ufl.edu

Neuroimaging; Schizophrenia; Depression; Obesity; Addiction
Debmalya Barh Institute of Integrative Omics and Applied Biotechnology, India

E-mail: dr.barh(at)gmail.com

Intergrative Omics-based Biomarkers; Target Discovery; Personalized Medicine
Kelvin Lim University of Minnesota, USA

E-mail: kelvin(at)cmrr.umn.edu

Neuroimaging; Brain Disorders; Neuromodulation; Brain Plasticity
David Baron Keck School of Medicine of USC, USA

E-mail: dave.baron(at)usc.edu

Global MH Public Literacy; Exercise; Psychiatry; Neuropsych aspects of Repetitive mTBI
Marco Diana University of Sassari, Italy

E-mail: dsfdiana(at)uniss.it

Neuroscience of Addiction; Dopamine; Addiction Therapies; Structural Plasticity
Trevor Archer University of Gothenburg, Sweden

E-mail: trevor.archer(at)psy.gu.se

Neurotoxicity; Epigenetics; Exercise
Jag Khalsa Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA

E-mail: jkhalsa(at)nida.nih.gov

Alcoholism; Opioid use Disorder; Neuroimaging;
Genetics; Neuropsychopharmacology
Wayne Westcott Quincy College, USA

E-mail: wwestcott(at)quincycollege.edu

Strength Training Protocols; Health-Related effects of; Resistance Exercise
Joachim Uys Medical University of South Carolina, USA

E-mail: uys(at)musc.edu

Cocaine; Alcohol; Proteomics; Oxidative Stress; Glutathionylation; Redox Signaling
William S. Jacobs Georgia Regents University, USA

E-mail: WJACOBS(at)gru.edu

Addiction  Treatment; Iatrogenic Pain/Substance Abuse;
Impaired Health Professionals
Daniel H. Angres Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, USA

E-mail: daniel.angresmd(at)gmail.com

Addicted Professionals; Outcomes; Personality Variables
David Han University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

E-mail: david.han(at)utsa.edu

Medical Data Analytics; Competing Risk Analysis; Biostatistics; Bioinformatics
Adi Jaffe Alternatives Behavioral Health, USA

E-mail: drjaffe(at)addictionalternatives.com

Counseling and Clinical Strategies; Addiction; Substance Use Disorders (SUD); Cocaine; Heroin
Aviv Weinstein Hadassah Medical Organization, Israel

E-mail: avivweinstein(at)yahoo.com

Pharmacological and Psychological Treatment of Drug; Alcohol and Behavioral Addictions; Drug Addiction
A. Bowirrat The Nazareth English Hospital (EMME), Israel

E-mail: bowirrat(at)netvision.net.il

Human Genetics; Addiction; Behavioral Neuroscience; Neuropsychpharmacology
John J. Giordano National Institute of Holistic Addiction Studies, USA

E-mail: michg8(at)hotmail.com

Addiction; Addiction Treatment; RDS; Reward Deficiency Syndrome
Deborah Matteliano State University of New York, Buffalo, USA

E-mail: debmatt2(at)gmail.com

Spiritual; Biopsychosocial; Addiction; Prescription Drug Abuse; Nursing
Ioannis N. Mavridis K.A.T.-N.R.C. General Hospital of Attica, Greece

E-mail: pap-van(at)otenet.gr

Deep Brain Stimulation; Neuroanatomy; Nucleus Accumbens; Parkinson’s Disease
Anish Bajaj Path Medical Clinics, USA

E-mail: dranishbajaj(at)gmail.com

EEG; Heart Rate Variablity; Autogenics
Posture; Functional Neurology; Chiropractic
Lisa J. Merlo University of Florida, USA

E-mail: lmerlo(at)ufl.edu

Impaired Healthcare Professionals; Recovery; Psychosocial Risk Factors; Prescription Drug Abuse
Richard Gustin Orexo, USA

E-mail: gustinrm(at)gmail.com

Stress; Anxiety; Relapse; Learning & Memory; Opioid Receptor Systems
Eric R. Braverman University of Florida, USA

E-mail: pathmedical(at)aol.com

Brain Performance and Nutrition Studies;
Leptin Blood Levels
Stephen J. Schoenthaler California State University, USA

E-mail: stephens(at)volcano.net

Biosocial Criminology; Nutrition; Addictions; Violence; Delinquency; Brain Function
Thomas McLaughlin
Center For Psychiatric Medicine, Massachusetts, USA

E-mail: tmclaugh50(at)gmail.com

Tourette’s Syndrome; Limbic Dis-Inhibition; Electroencephalography; Substance Dependence
Habibeh Khoshbouei University of Florida, USA

E-mail: habibeh(at)ufl.edu

Dopamine Signaling; Drug Addiction; Dopamine Signaling; Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Cynthia Stuhlmiller University of New England, Australia

E-mail: cstuhlmi(at)une.edu.au

Traumatic Stress; Psychological Therapies; Computer-Aided CBT; Action-Based and PBL Learning
Barry Tolchard University of New England, Australia

E-mail: btolchar(at)une.edu.au

Gambling Research; Suicide and Mental Health
Self-Exclusion; Psychosocial Aspects of Gambling
Csaba Barta Semmelweis University, Hungary

E-mail: barta.csaba(at)med.semmelweis-univ.hu

Psychiatric Genetics; Substance Dependence; Tourette’s Syndrome; ADHD
James Fratantonio Dominion Diagnostics, USA

E-mail: jfratantonio(at)dominiondiagnostics.com

Psychoactive Substances; Therapeutic Compliance; Personalized Medicine
Lisa Marzilli Dominion Diagnostics, USA

E-mail: marz8(at)cox.net

Drug Metabolism; Designer Drugs; Opiates; Validity Markers
Frederick G. Moeller Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

E-mail: fgmoeller(at)vcu.edu

Addiction; Traumatic Brain Injury; Neurobiology; Brain Imaging
Barry Setlow University of Florida College of Medicine, USA

E-mail: setlow(at)ufl.edu

Decision-Making; Impulsivity; Risk-Taking; Cognition; Cocaine
Adriaan W. Bruijnzeel University of Florida, USA

E-mail: awbruijn(at)ufl.edu

Nicotine; Cannabis Withdrawal; Drug-Self Administration; Stress-Induced Reinstatement; AAV Vectors
Bernard William (Bill) Downs Victory Nutrition International Inc., USA

E-mail: billd(at)vniinc.com

Nutrition; Biological Chemistry; Behavioral Biology; Nutrigenomics; RDS Spectrum Disorders; Chronic Degenerative Diseases
Claudia Fahlke University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

E-mail: claudia.fahlke(at)psy.gu.se

Addiction; Neuropsychology; Risk Factors; Treatment; Relapse Proneness
Valerie Voon University of Cambridge, UK

E-mail: voonval(at)gmail.com

Impulsivity; Compulsivity; Motivation; Neuroimaging; Dopamine; Alcohol Misuse; Behavioural Addictions
Carolyn Coker Ross The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake – a subsidiary of Advanced Recovery Systems, USA

E-mail: crossmd(at)me.com

Eating Disorders; Obesity; Integrative Medicine; Addiction
Alcohol and Drug Dependence; Mood Disorders
Yen Kuang Yang National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

E-mail: ykyang(at)mail.ncku.edu.tw

Neuroimaging; Dopamine; Stress; Psychiatry
Shih-Hsien Lin National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan

E-mail: taiwan2trr(at)gmail.com

Substance Use Disorder (SUD); Neuroimaging; Biostatistics; Behavioral Addiction; Hot Cognition
San-Yuan Huang Tri-Service General Hospital, Taiwan

E-mail: hsy(at)ndmctsgh.edu.tw

Addiction; Brain Image; Psycho-immunology; Neuropsychiatry and Genetics