Drug Addiction and Manifestations of Indirect Self-Destructiveness

Konstantinos Tsirigotis, Wojciech Gruszczynski and Marta Tsirigotis-Maniecka



Explorations of brain function in terms of both physiology and behavioral traits have resulted in a plethora of studies linking these activities to neurotransmitter functions having a genetic basis. We address the age-old question of “Nature vs. Nurture” as it relates to the question of happiness and to the larger question relating to human nature as an emerging science. Attempts to identify key “vector influences” that link genes, the brain, and social behaviors to a so-called state of “happiness” are important areas for developing a new science of human nature. It is well established that in both food and drug-addicted individuals there is “dopamine resistance” due to an association with the DRD2 gene A1 allele.

Published on: December 23, 2015
doi: 10.17756/jrds.2015-019
Citation: Tsirigotis K, Gruszczynski W, Tsirigotis-Maniecka M. 2015. Drug Addiction and Manifestations of Indirect Self-Destructiveness. J Reward Defic Syndr 1(4): 119-123.