Volume 1 Issue 3

Brain Reward Pathway Dysfunction in Maternal Depression and Addiction: A Present and Future Transgenerational Risk

Benjamin C. Nephew, Christopher Murgatroyd, Florent Pittet and Marcelo Febo
Two research areas that could benefit from a greater focus on the role of the reward pathway are maternal depression and maternal addiction. Both depression and addiction in mothers are mediated by deficiencies in the reward pathway and represent substantial risks to the health of offspring and future generations.

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Dopamine in the Brain: Hypothesizing Surfeit or Deficit Links to Reward and Addiction

Kenneth Blum, Peter K. Thanos, Marlene Oscar-Berman, Marcelo Febo, David Baron, et al.
Recently there has been debate concerning the role of brain dopamine in reward and addiction. David Nutt and associates eloquently proposed that dopamine (DA) may be central to psycho stimulant dependence and some what important for alcohol, but not important for opiates, nicotine or even cannabis.

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Addiction Treatment in America: After Money or Aftercare?

David Miller, Merlene Miller, Kenneth Blum, Rajendra D. Badgaiyan and Marcelo Febo
There are approximately 14,500 clinics and programs in America that provide treatment for all types of addictive behaviors we call “Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)”. While most of these have good intentions to provide needed help to the victims of RDS, we propose herein that most of their efforts, especially during periods of aftercare, are not based on the existing scientific evidence.

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